Thursday, December 6, 2012

Let's Get Ready to Run....

Although it's dark and a bit cold, Thursday night glow runs are where it's at. All decked out in head lamps and glow necklaces, we set off every week for an Amalfi a little extra. For those of you that haven't had the pleasure of running Amalfi, let's just say it's full of hills through some of the prettiest streets in Santa Monica. A year ago I couldn't make the full 6 mi loop without walking most of the hills. Tonight I ran the loop plus an extra 3 miles. Feels bueno!

Glow run Thursday has turned into a bit of a weekly tradition the past 2 months. The best part - post run tacos at Frida's followed by Sweet Rose ice cream...especially when they have my fave dairy free flavor. I even brought my own gluten free cone tonight! I felt like such a kid :) You know it's a problem when they start tweeting you and stay open late just because they know you're coming!

The loop isn't quite long enough for the prescribed 75 min mid-week run so I started early with EWS and got picked up the last 2 miles by BHall. Although he made me run sooo much faster than I wanted to :) It may be dark, it may be cold....but it's always nicer running with other peeps!

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