Saturday, March 2, 2013

#2500 Crunches: Day 9 Results

It's crunch time....only one day left in the challenge. Who's gunning for more? Don't stop just because you're already there. If you've already hit it, see how far over you can get!

Everyone's doin what they can to get these last few in. Rockstar Kelli dropped for 50 in the park on the way to work. Anyone else stop, drop and roll in public and crunch out a few?

Crunching Kelli headed to work

Check out all you superstars on your way to abs of steel. 

Click for larger image.

Look how far you've come in just 9 short days. Who's thinking about the next challenge already? We'll give you a little break...just til Wednesday. But get ready. The real fun is about to begin. 

#MissionPossible. 7 days of mini-challenges filled with all kinds of magic. Should you choose to accept the daily challenge, you will be sent a 10 min. workout to do any time over the course of the day and report back when finished. Goal: to unlock all 7 challenges. You can't get the next challenge until you've completed the one before it. 

Are you up for it? If you want in, send us an email at to be put on the list!

The fun starts on Wednesday. Don't miss out!

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