Friday, January 18, 2013

High Fives & Hot Springs

It's hard getting up early when it's still dark, cold and you don't really need to be getting up. The luxury of working from home is working out when you want to. I didn't want to get up. Then I saw a post from a teammate from 30 min earlier with a virtual high five from a fish as she was getting ready to lead the charge with several other teammates at a different pool. So I got up. Put my suit and parka on and headed to the pool. In the dark. And the cold. But I knew my teammates would be waiting for me and that's motivation to get yourself there.

Friday High Five. Happy Swimming! 
Motivation at its best compliments of +Emily Conlon 

Luckily the splash pool at SMC was like swimming in a hot springs. Balmy 90 degree water temps this morning. Way too hot for a swim but if you want to just hang out, it's great. But alas we swam anyway because that's what we do. We swim in the rain. We swim in the cold. And we swim in hot water temps! It's the middle of January and I'm swimming outside - life could be worse!

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  1. High Fin-Five!

    But little did you know... and I won't speak for the other Rockettes, only for me ... that your name was paired with a lot of swear words this morning. Also I may have said, "Swimming without arms is stupid!!" out loud. Very loud. To many, many people.