Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ode to the Tempo Run

It’s tempo run Thursday
What’s that mean, you ask?
45 minutes of hell
Oh what a daunting task.

I wasn’t feelin the need
For a whole lotta speed.
My legs heavy and tight,
This may be an ugly sight.

So off I went
On this beautiful day.
Let’s get this over with!
So it’s outta the way.

A 5 minute warm up,
The pace was slow.
But it got the legs movin
And the blood to flow.

Then for 8 minutes
The pace picked up a bit.
Thru the 2 minutes of recovery
I kept repeating “Oh shit!”

Only 15 minutes in
And I’m asking “How much longer?”
But I had to remember
This just makes me stronger.

It was time for the set
That was gonna hurt the most.
But I knew once I finished
I would be able boast.

4 sets of 6 minutes
At race pace or faster.
And I’m happy to report
It wasn’t a disaster.

Two sets were done,
Only 2 more to go.
“This I can finish,”
For that I know.

Dear Run Gods, I said
Thank you for allowing me to run.
But please help me push through
And let this be done.
For I’m not +Adam Hill
And this is no fun!

BEEP! Goes my watch
I finished, I’m alive.
So happy to be done,
I gave myself a high-five!

It was warm and sunny
As I started to cool down.
And I thought wow -
I’m lucky to live in this town.

So on this day
Of my tempo run
I can definitively say
This time I won!

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